Garlic Solutions, one of the largest suppliers of unpeeled and peeled garlic cloves in Europe, has recently added ‘Black Garlic’ from Spain to its range. Black Garlic is fermented garlic, in which the familiar garlic taste gives way to a delicate taste of soya with sultanas. This special garlic is particularly suitable for supermarket fresh food boxes and, of course, for the wholesale catering trade. Garlic Solutions supplies this tasty garlic in bulbs, but also in peeled and unpeeled cloves.

Black Garlic; Spanish quality garlic
Our Black Garlic started out as high-quality Spanish garlic, but has undergone a transformation by fermenting in the oven for three weeks. This has turned the cloves black, sweet and soft. The fermentation process keeps Black Garlic fresh for months.

We buy this garlic directly from our Spanish garlic suppliers. This means that there are no expensive links in the chain and because of the efficient way of packaging and transporting we are very competitive with our price agreements. We are convinced that with this product we have made a good addition to our garlic range,” says Kaz Abbekerk, owner of Garlic Solutions.

A conscious choice From the beginning, Garlic Solutions has chosen to work only with Spanish garlic growers. There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, the dry sunny climate of Spain produces more tasty garlic, personal contact is easy and transport is quick. Also, European regulations on the use of pesticides are much stricter and more transparent than outside Europe and you get quality garlic for a fair price and under good working conditions.