Garlic Solutions is one of the largest suppliers of garlic cloves in Europe. Every week, we supply more than four million garlic cloves. You will find these anywhere from fresh produce packages in higher-end supermarkets, fresh meal boxes and in wholesale catering outlets. We buy exclusively from Spanish growers, and we guarantee quality, flexibility and year-round availability. We also deliver freshly chopped herbs, spices and blends in special consumer packages.
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Our range

Garlic Solutions has a broad range of garlic bulbs in bulk, peeled and unpeeled garlic cloves, plus we’ve recently started offering Black Garlic. We supply higher-end supermarkets, wholesale catering outlets and companies that specialise in fresh meal boxes. We also offer a broad organic range.
Garlic Solutions is more than just garlic: we produce and supply freshly chopped herbs, spices and mixes in special consumer packages. These freshly chopped products are our response to the trend of people looking for healthy and tasty food that is also quick and easy to prepare.
Koken met Kaz

From our own cooking studio, Kaz, the owner of Garlic Solutions, showcases the versatility of our products and takes you on a culinary journey.

Check out our YouTube channel for more inspiration.

Quality and certification

We like to work according to the highest standards (and preferably with that little bit extra!). This is why we confirm that annually through independent monitoring and certification. We are an FSSC 22000-certified business, and meet all relevant food safety standards. On top of this, our organic garlic is also Skal certified. All our products are high quality and supplied by certified growers. This is how we know they offer fair labour conditions and meet official food safety standards.

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