Ginger convenience at your fingertips

Ready-to-eat ginger pieces, cubes and slices – you need Garlic Solutions for that too.

We supply these to catering wholesalers and supermarkets. You will also find our ginger in the well-known fresh meal boxes and in the fresh and wok packages in various supermarkets. Washed and ready to use, which is very convenient.

Six reasons to choose Garlic Solutions’ ginger convenience today:

1. In our own unique way, we can select the ginger by size, weight and numbers.

2. Our ginger is additive-free, but thanks to our processing method, it still has a shelf life of 14 days, and our ginger cubes 16 days.

3. Our ginger slices even have a shelf life of 19 days!

4. We wash the ginger for you so that the peel is free of sand. This gives bacteria little chance. We first peel our ginger cubes before washing them.

5. Saving time, the time-consuming chore of slicing is now a thing of the past.

6. We reduce food waste, because we deliver customised pieces you have less waste. Perhaps good to know that we really do use every part of our ginger.

It is all in the blends
We can keep the promise that we use every part of the ginger, because we use the smaller pieces in our blends. So we have a blends of garlic, red pepper and ginger.

Semi-finished products in bulk packaging
For people who like to think BIG, we also supply freshly cut ginger as a semi-finished product in bulk packaging.

Put away that knife
Washing and cutting ginger is not exactly a pleasant task. It is often a time-consuming chore. Recognisable? That’s exactly why we at Garlic Solutions have come up with the solution of ginger pieces, cubes and ginger slices. The word ‘solutions’ is in our name for a reason. Super fresh, super easy, ginger slices straight into your tea glass. Or our ginger cubes straight into a pan or mug or raw through a salad or in a healthy smoothie! Because ginger is a very versatile ingredient. Our ginger slices and cubes are also washed in ice water. That’s what we call #gingerconvenience.

Not only delicious, but also very healthy

Perhaps you currently don’t use fresh ginger very often in the kitchen, because you find it a lot of work to chop and wash it. Too bad! Because ginger is a great seasoning and is also mega healthy. After all, it is packed with vitamins (A, C, E, B), iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium and beta-carotene. That’s quite a mouthful! Ginger is not only incredibly delicious, it can also help with flu, colds, nausea and headaches, among other things.

Plenty of reasons, to put some more ginger on the menu.

Probably the simplest way to use ginger is for fresh ginger tea. For this, use our ginger slices that you can simply put in a glass of hot water, or thread on a large skewer. Convenient for the hospitality industry, but our ginger slices can also be found in consumer packaging in the refrigerated section at the largest supermarket. These can be found among the fresh herbs.

But ginger is also a great seasoning in soup. For soup, our coarsely chopped ginger cubes are ideal. You can also use our ginger pieces for this, which just need to be peeled and diced.

Tailor-made ginger
We supply ginger in various sizes. Our coarsely chopped ginger cubes have a size of around 3 mm, our ginger slices are around 5 mm thick and our ginger pieces vary between around 2 cm and 5 cm. So you see, you can find pre-cut, fresh ginger for every occasion with us.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate!

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