About Garlic Solutions

Sometimes you come across something and you think ‘Surely this could be done more efficiently?!’ That’s exactly what Kaz Abbekerk - just 23 at the time and studying Engineering Management - thought when he saw how people were manually extracting garlic cloves from garlic bulbs.

What started as a bunch of noise in a garage has turned into a multi-million business. Millions of garlic cloves, that is. We use our unique method to process garlic bulbs into garlic cloves in our workspace in Waddinxveen, allowing us to supply our customers all over Europe with more than three million garlic cloves each week.

You can find our unpeeled garlic cloves in fresh meal boxes and fresh produce packages from high-end supermarkets, and our peeled cloves at wholesale catering outlets.

We have grown into a dynamic business, and last year we even won the Midden-Holland Entrepreneurship Award. Our team consists of a diverse group of men and women, and each and every single one of them is absolutely crazy about their work.

In addition to our delicious garlic bulbs and cloves, we also supply freshly chopped herbs, spices and blends in special consumer packages. On top of this, we have our own World cuisine concept, which is a tailor-made consumer package with chopped herbs, spices and vegetables

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