Sustainable values

The word sustainability is bandied about so much that it’s in danger of losing all meaning, but not at Garlic Solutions! We have seven reasons that show why sustainability is a way of life here, and not just a buzzword.

1. Sustainable

We only work with certified garlic growers and herb, vegetable and spice producers. We get quality (pure, without additives) and quantity for a fair price, and our garlic is produced under fair labour conditions. Our goal is to ensure that everyone involved benefits from the partnership.

2. Waste

We sell our organic waste to animal feed businesses or we compost it, so it’s not just people we’re making happy, but also cows and other livestock. We ferment our garlic and vegetable waste into biogas.

3. Versatile

We are collaborating with an entrepreneur from the north of the Netherlands to turn garlic skins into table tops and laminate.

4. Recycle

All our packaging is recyclable.

5. Circular

We are working on using the heat released from our cooling system to power our central heating system.

6. Nothing is wasted

Our counting machines ensure that our customers receive the exact number of garlic cloves they ordered, which prevents food wastage.

7. Zero-Waste

We apply the zero waste principle in the production of our chopped herbs and spices.

8. The future
Every 2 weeks we produce about 5 tons of waste of garlic peels. These shells are released in the breaking and peeling process! We are currently working on the idea of turning these shells into pallets. How nice would it be to send our products on pallets made from the waste of the products on the pallets.
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