Sustainable values

The word sustainability is bandied about so much that it’s in danger of losing all meaning, but not at Garlic Solutions! We have nine reasons that show why sustainability is a way of life here, and not just a buzzword.

1. Certified

We exclusively work with certified growers, ensuring that we receive quality produce at a fair price and maintain good labor conditions. Our goal is to make everyone involved happy.

2. Reducing the use of plastic

In addition, by 2022, we have taken a big step towards reducing plastic packaging. For example, we now supply 87% less plastic by using flowpacks instead of jars.

3. Waste

Our product waste is largely converted into biogas, and a portion of our garlic waste stream is processed externally.

4. Versatile

Together with an entrepreneur from the north of our country, we want to transform garlic peelings into tabletops and laminate.

5. Recycling

Our packaging is partially recyclable.

6. Save energy

We are working on the possibility of using released heat from our cooling system for our central heating system. We also had maintenance carried out on our central heating system in 2022 and this reduced our gas consumption by half.

7. No waste

We make sure, among other things with our counting machines, that the customer gets exactly the quantity of products ordered. This prevents food waste.

8. Zero-Waste principle

We ensure that our products are used as efficiently as possible. For example, our unpeeled garlic cloves, some of which are skinless, are peeled. Peeled garlic cloves that are too small but of excellent quality are processed into garlic cubes. The same applies to our ginger. Ginger pieces that are too small are processed into ginger cubes. In this way, we strive to adhere to the zero-waste principle as much as possible.

9. The future

We produce about five tonnes of garlic peelings every fortnight. These are the peelings released in the breaking and peeling process. We are working on the possibility of having our garlic peelings made into pallets. How nice it would be to have our unpeeled and peeled garlic cloves transported on pallets made from the waste of these products.

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