Waddinxveen, 13 October 2022

Recently, Garlic Solutions, expanded their range to include ‘ginger convenience’. This includes ready-made ginger pieces, cubes and ginger slices.

We received an increasing demand from our customers for fresh ginger products.
We always like to think along and this has resulted in our ‘ginger convenience’ range. We now produce ready-to-use ginger pieces, cubes and ginger slices and supply them to catering wholesalers and supermarkets, among others. You will also find our ginger in the well-known fresh meal boxes and in fresh and wok packages in supermarkets. Our ginger is washed, ready to use and additive-free. We are convinced that our ‘ginger convenience’ is another tasty and healthy addition to our existing range
, “says Kaz Abbekerk, owner of Garlic Solutions.

Why ‘ginger convenience’ from Garlic Solutions?
In our own unique way, we select ginger by size, weight and numbers, i.e. completely customised. This can range from ginger cubes of around 3 mm to ginger pieces of 3 to 5 cm.

We do not use additives, we don’t do that with any of our products, but because of our method of processing, the shelf life is more than 14 days under the right conditions.

We wash our ginger, making it free of sand and giving bacteria no chance.

Our ‘ginger convenience’ hence that name gives time savings. At Garlic Solutions, we keep food waste to a minimum. That’s why we also use counting machines for our ginger pieces, just like we do with our garlic cloves. We also use every part of our fresh products for example in our fresh blends.